Welcome to the Belvedere Running and Walking Company website.

We are a running and walking fitness company based in Bexley Kent. Our sole aim is to get people active through running and specialist walking sessions.


*Group Running Courses

*One to One Couch 2 Runner sessions

*One to One Walking Buddy or for leading group walks

*One to One Run Technique / Analysis and Video Consultation

*Weightloss Journey Public Speaking ~ "Obese to ultra runner in 20 months"

*Media Enquiries

Contact Email - learn2.run@aol.com


About Me

*Professional runner

*Dogfit certified canicross trainer

*Qualified Elite REPs personal trainer

*Run and walk technician

*Sports nutrition specialist

*Qualified run leader

*Nordic walk leader

*Trekking / Walking pole technician

*Qualified Walk leader

*Ambassador Sundried Sports Wear

*Ambassador for TrueStart Performance Coffee

*Ambassador for the National Running Show 2018

*Couch to 5K specialist

*ME2 Deaf friendly instructor

*Mind Fitness mentor

*Motivational speaker

*Featured in several national magazines including Men's Running and Trail Runner

MY PERSONAL JOURNEY - "Don't Tell Me Can't"

On the 18th August 2014 I decided enough was enough. I was 46, 24 stones, diabetic type 2, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, suffering depression and coping with sleep apnea. I was an A&E case waiting to happen.

I don't know what happen that day but my life changed.

(News stories~click on the links)

Belvedere man achieves astonishing diabetes reversal

Belvedere man weighed 24 stone just under two years ago - and is now a personal trainer

So if you want to change your life for the better, but think you can't, think again. Running, Walking and fitness changes people's lives. Getting fit and healthy suddenly grabs you and doesn't let go. It doesn't hold age, race, gender or size against you. You just improve with every step. I'm living proof of this. Don't tell me can't!!